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About Us

Our Vision

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Saran Caldwell

Founder & CEO

Kulbinder fosters a life-long passion for diversity.  When race, gender or sexual orientation are the basis of any barrier, she will knock it down.  Born in northern British Columbia, Canada to immigrant parents, Kulbinder was raised to put in the hard work and stand up for individuals and her community.  Her India-born father built a life for the family working in the sawmills and building a portfolio of real estate holdings.  Kulbinder inherited that business accumen along with her father's dedication to family and friends.  She grew up wishing there were more people who looked like her in the movies and tv shows she was watching.  She still felt that as an adult and decided to do something about.  She founded Reallife Pictures Inc. to open doors for diverse and emerging writers that had been closed by complacent decision-makers in the screen industry over many decades.  


REALLIFE was formed on the values and principles of Sikhism and collective feminism. The goal was to help the community and create a space where everyone felt safe, where they belonged.


When we started the agency, the mission was clear, to help bring more diverse stories to screen. We understood that this was not easy. Not only because it was not done before, but because people were not ready for it yet. The stories that we represented were stories of varied lived experiences that questioned the 'normal.' And it is always difficult to tell such stories because they are so personal. We were sure that we would do it and do it right. We made sure that REALLIFE was the safe space where they could come and be themselves. Where each writer can embrace their differences and be accepted by the community within. 

We have been in business since January 2020 and we are proud of our roster that celebrates diversity, neuro-diversity, and LGBTQIA+ community. Together we form the REALLIFE family. 

Our Story

Kulbinder Saran Caldwell
Founder & CEO of REALLIFE

"Our differences should be celebrated.  Learning about, and from, another person's point-of-view or lived experience is a gift.  And one of the most effective ways to deliver it is through art -- specifically film & television. I am determined to put diverse stories on-screen... authentic stories from POC, LGBTQ and neuro-diverse writers."

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