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REALLIFE PICTURES INC. brings a new concept to the film and television industry in Toronto, across Canada and around the globe. With a film and television Production House and a boutique Literary Agency, Reallife Pictures is giving diverse, neurodiverse and LGBTQ screenplay and television writers a voice in the entertainment industry. As a literary agency, Reallife Pictures is the champion for a growing roster of emerging film and television writers, believing that now is the time to have their stories told on the big screen, or inject their POV into television and web series production scripts.



Melanee believes the sole purpose of her parents' union was to mix genres. An eclectic person who smiles airily but navigates through the murky depths, Melanee has been in front of and behind the camera since she was a kid. Her dramatic comedy short, Race Anonymous, about a recovering race-aholic who meets his brownskinned higher power, has won awards as has her gender bending solo stage show The ‘Hoodwink.  Whether its dystopian drama or absurdist satire, she uses her diverse, off-kilter perspective for some satisfyingly out-of-the-box storytelling. 



Anil Kamal: If you’ve ever thought to yourself, hmmm, I wonder what the queer version of Kumail Nanjiani spliced with Mindy Kaling would look like, then congrats, you found Anil! Curious about a gay twist to The Big Sick? Call Anil. Looking for a rainbow infused nod to The Mindy Project? Seriously, CALL ANIL!


Nattasha is a comedy drama TV writer whose strengths stem from her deep connection to her mixed South and Southeast Asian heritage. Having been raised in both the east and the west, her stories seek to bridge the gap between the two worlds on the screen. 



Adrian has been drawing and writing about robots, aliens, and monsters, for about as long as he can remember. Adrian is a Toronto filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed short films such as The Carrier,  wrote and produced the full-length feature entitled Redshift and a short proof-of-concept short film entitled EXT. Adrian is a visual storyteller whose creativity knows no bounds.



Moniquea is a Toronto based Metis actor, comedian, writer, and director. She’s a graduate of the Second City Conservatory in Toronto and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in NYC. Marion was a 2019 BANFF Netflix-Diversity of Voices selected participant, a selected participant for the 2019 Reelworld Emerging 20 program, and a 2018 selected participant for the Women On Screen Web Series Incubator. Marion is an award-winning writer and producer and was twice nominated contender for Best Female Improviser by NOW Magazine in 2014 & 2015.



Atefeh was born in Iran and studied under the late maestro, Abbas Kiarostami before immigrating to Canada. I got my MFA in film from York university. Being a newcomer has profoundly affected me personally and professionally and has greatly informed my practice as a filmmaker. My work concerns itself with the experience of disorientation, both culturally and socially, that one undergoes when relocating.

Wahid thoroughly disappointed his parents by leaving the traditional career path in engineering and becoming a writer. He had a short-lived celebrity status as an actor and writer on television in Bangladesh, which he dearly misses. While working in the Animation/VFx for shows such as Rick and Morty, Game Of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and in between his 10-12hrs shifts, Wahid had success in pitching and screenwriting contests. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has optioned his animated short on the climate crisis. Wahid wants to create contents that will please both the inner child and the adult in him, predominantly in comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, family, and action-adventure genres.



Graham travels the road of Story. He's camped at Comedian and Actor along the way (great views!), but he's never strayed from Fiction Freeway. Graham is a Tourette-Syndrome-having, dark-and-witty-humour-espousing, five-dollar-word-using, master-hyphen-conjoining creator, writer, and human being who swears for normal reasons.


Stephanie is a Latina comedian, multi-award-winning writer/performer, born and raised in downtown Toronto. An Honors graduate with a Double Major B.A. in Humanities and Playwriting, Stephanie has won her University’s “President Prize for Screenwriting,” a “Cross-Cultural Scholarship” for the Conservatory Program at Second City and a Canadian Comedy Awards nomination. Stephanie's book, “The Ten Commandments…of Improvising!” boasts a glowing foreword by comedy legend, Colin Mochrie. Stephanie's writing is focused on her two greatest passions: live theatre and television. She is also the mother of four children...yes, she is insane.



Seth speaks from a place of having overcome his shyness, being bullied in high school and how his experiences shaped his dream of becoming a creator in the world of Film/TV. He is a curious-minded individual with a passion for telling stories that uplift and inspire audiences. 


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Chrystelle is a Canadian TV director, producer, screenwriter, radio columnist, narrator, and jazz vocalist. Her documentary work has led her to explore a wide range of issues, for networks such as Radio-Canada/CBC, TV5 Unis, TFO, and Bell. Since 2017, she created and directed three documentary series (A new place called home, À la bonne franquette and Urban Resilience Toronto). When she's not writing or directing, Chrystelle can often be found behind a mic - as a morning show columnist for Radio-Canada (Y'a Pas Deux Matins Pareils), narrating audiobooks or singing on the stage of a jazz club. Maechler has created content in French, English, and German.



As a young boy, Jamie spent most of his time with his cheek to the carpet overseeing his GI Joes on their next mission or with his nose pressed against the glass of the back door wondering what was happening to the characters inside the millennium falcon that had crashed into the snow when he had carefully tossed out it of the house. 

Whether he is telling stories to a group of friends or entertaining audiences as a standup comedian, Jamie’s personality is known to fill a room. Adopted at birth into a Ukrainian family, Jamie's Irish-Trinidadian background, his sensitivity to the underdog, and the need to understand what makes people tick, inspires the worlds and characters that he creates. 


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Honey is a tri-culture kid who spent her childhood in Delhi, teen years in Toronto and adulthood in Singapore. Honey dabbled in blogging and YouTube which led her to attend NYU Tisch for her MFA in Film Production where she learnt the craft of writing- directing (and pitching) romcoms. Honey’s focus is telling stories about women-of- colour navigating love, life and everything in between. Honey creative process begins and ends with Punjabi-style pizza, a lot of Timbits & pad thai.

With a writing style that can be described as unpredictable, sometimes funny, and most times uncomfortable (if not a little twisted), Anthony wants to make you laugh (and scream). Growing up queer in the small town of Tecumseh, Ontario, Anthony moved to Toronto after securing a degree in Communication, Media, and Film and the University of Windsor. A movie buff turned writer, Anthony secured his first major credit in 2019 for writing the web series, FAK YAASS which was the #1 viewed show on OutTvGO in association with Amazon Prime. 


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Mark Govin: is a South African -Canadian writer and  show creator. After spending years in software sales he decided in 2018 to chase his dream of being in the entertainment industry. Nowadays he finds himself creating/writing cop shows , developing characters and finding ways to surprise the reader. He says he writes police dramas because secretly he wishes he was Magnum P.I.



In a previous life, Hope wanted to be a detective in a queer-noir screenplay. INT. GAY BAR - NIGHT: The private detective nurses a highball in one hand and a cigarette in the other while mystery and romantic intrigue swirls around her…. CUT TO: PRESENT DAY. Hope turns her queer eye to writing for film, television and theatre. A genre-writer, Hope is all about crime, mystery, camp and comedy.



Milan's creativity spawns from an understanding that lives can change abruptly and laughter and acceptance needs to be a key focus in everyone's lives. His writing explores the spirituality in the mundane and the comedy in the solemn. Milan's current project is a series called Namaste which won a place in the Reelworld E20 incubator.


Andrew hails from the Franco-Manitobain area of Winnipeg and leaving behind a university degree one credit shy, Andrew arrived in Toronto where he wrote numerous comedic stage reviews with high success. As he branched out towards screenwriting, he found himself as a finalist at TIFF Pitch This for his first feature film but quickly shifted to television after being accepted to the CFC Primetime television program. This led to work in numerous writing rooms, had projects optioned and wound up as a screenwriting professor at three colleges.  


Deborah is a Canadian-South African-Chinese writer whose specialties include preschool TV and interactive digital media, such as video games and TV-branded web content. She has made 6 major city moves in the last 8 years, the last being from LA to NYC via minivan with her husband, then 3-year-old and newborn. An avid baker, she is often told to open a bakery, but lacking decorating talent, she'd name it, "Ugly But Delicious".


Stephen once moved to New York for love, only to wake up single four days after arriving. That could have gone better! However, he ended up staying eight years nevertheless, writing a comedic, coming-of-age solo show about being a white guy that the Public Theatre produced, which ended up scoring Steve and writing partner - and wife - Melanee an invite to Quincy Jones’ house in the hills of Brentwood, along with a development deal. Steve likes rom-coms, telling funny stories, sports, cooking and running road races slowly.  





Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada.  Her father immigrated from India, found work in the sawmills. Through hard work and real estate investments he carved out a new life for his family.  With his support Kulbinder was the first of her siblings to go to university.  She founded a music video production company in the late 1990s in Vancouver.  In Toronto, Kulbinder took on some corporate gigs, charity work and chaired the inaugural Sikh Film Festival of Toronto.  In 2015 she resurrected REALLIFEpics as a coaching program for WOC filmmakers. In 2019 it evolved into REALLIFE Pictures Inc., the go-to agency for diverse and emerging screenwriters.  



Charanpreet Chall grew up in the land of Bollywood. From the age of four, it was clear filmmaking was in her future.  She believed her life was a movie and she had a starring role. Her father was raising a drama queen! His dream to become a filmmaker, became her dream. Charanpreet is an experienced Assistant Director, Cinematographer and Editor and Associate Producer. She has worked on Cannes award-winning productions and others which premiered at Berlin.  She is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and has spent the last three years as an Assistant Director on several Toronto productions.  Oddly, she loves paper work as much as being on set, which plays perfectly into her senior role of Chief Operating Officer at REALLIFE Pictures Inc.







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