Real, authentic  stories from diverse writers.

We represent diverse, neurodiverse & LGBTQ+  writers with a goal of bringing their unique points-of-view to global audiences.

We are not your typical agency

REALLIFE Pictures Inc. represents diverse, neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ screenwriters and directors. We support both diverse and emerging talent whose stories are not represented in the current tv and film landscape. Our integrated agency goes beyond others by partnering with its writers in professional development.

We are a community, helping each other with a goal to change the screen industry's point-of-view to authentically represent diverse audiences on television and feature films.

We are just like our writers -- diverse. Founder and CEO, Kulbinder Saran Caldwell is an Indo-Canadian, born in western Canada to parents who immigrated from India. 

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How we do it?

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We invest in our writers. That means really getting to understand their point-of-view. We spend time reading each of their scripts and developing their IP in-house to ensure their projects are authentic to them and their audience.

Understanding the storyteller
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A first-draft is the blueprint used to craft a story. It represents the building blocks of a believable, honest script. REALLIFE works intensely with the writer, focusing in on character, plot development and authenticity. We provide detailed, honest critique and professional guidance.

One-on-One Development
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Enhancing the Script

Our community of writers understand that every script that gets developed creates positive change for all. Our development process includes script reads that offer the writer valuable feedback from fellow writers, which is used to further refine the script, making it pitch-ready.

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REALLIFE Pictures is breaking new ground. In a relatively short time, it has established professional relationships with production companies across Canada, the U.S. and India. Once our writers' scripts are pitch-ready, REALLIFE seeks out the best opportunities to present the scripts and ultimately get them into development or create option agreements.

The Pitch

We want success for all our writers. Our support doesn't end. Writers have access to the agency management and the community of REALLIFE writers on an ongoing basis. This is a family. This is REALLIFE!

Continuous Support